Idea Consulting

Concepting / Sketching

User Experience (UX) Design

User Interaction (UI) Design



Hi there! I’m a freelance UX/UI designer from the Netherlands and I design optimal user experiences for the digital world.

I work with start-ups, businesses, entrepreneurs and developers and I’m currently available for hiring!

With over 4 years of experience in the design field, I have worked with a wide variety of major clients including Group Danone, Donkervoort, Schiphol Group, University of Twente and Webasto.

I can help you to successfully launch innovative and beautiful digital products and services. My expertise lies in the UX / UI design field, while my network of coders can help to implement and launch the product or service!

I optimize brand identity values by designing innovative and fitting user experiences of mobile apps, web applications, services and campaigns.

Idea Consulting

Are you thinking about developing an application, but uncertain about the functionalities and possibilities? And is an application really the best option for you? I can help you to get a good understanding of the possibilities and help with developing original, but feasible concepts.

Concepting & Sketching

After the general idea of the application is clear, we can start creating the first sketches and rough wireframes of the application to give you a better idea of the possible end results.

UX Design

UX design is creating a product that is easy to use. Without a good information architecture and clear user actions, your product will inevitabely end up in the 20% of applications that get used only once. I’d like to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

UI Design

User Interface design is all about making the solution look beautiful and fitting to your brand and target group.

This is where the first good looking images are being born.

Prototyping & Testing

The solution should be tested with the target group to make sure that te information architecture and design work as intented.

Interactive low-fi wireframes or high-fi mockups of your application can be used for user testing.


My expertise lies in the design of your solution. With the help of my -or your own- network of coders we can successfully launch your product!

In the past years I have acquired a lot of design experience on a wide variety of projects with major clients.
I work well both in teams and on my own and I will help you to get the job done. Interested in my help?

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

looking for the best user experience
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